Worker Recruitment and Transportation

Helping H-2A Seasonal Workers Arrive at Your Location

Farmers and growers who employ H-2A seasonal workers are responsible for recruitment, transportation and accommodations from the workers’ home country to the work site. Employers are also responsible for local transportation and accommodation. While local transportation and accommodation is generally easier to address, many employers aren’t ready to take on the details of international recruitment and travel, especially for a large group. Logistics can be a challenge, and that’s why we take care of this step for you. We have helped thousands of seasonal workers from around the world reach American farms and orchards quickly, safely, and legally under the H-2A program. With extensive experience in international travel, connections with international employment groups, and a number of helpful resources at our disposal, we make this process straightforward and cost-effective.

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Our Worker Recruitment and Transportation efforts include:

  • Coordinating with foreign consulates and recruitment agencies to find the right workers in other countries.
  • Translating recruitment and visa documents into Spanish as needed.
  • Complying with all Department of Labor guidelines and requirements during the recruitment and hiring process.
  • Ensuring safe border crossings, entries and exits across international lines.
  • Securing end-to-end transportation from the workers’ home country to the work site.
  • Securing any necessary accommodations for workers en route to your location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I responsible for transportation to and from foreign countries?

Under the H-2A program, employers are responsible for foreign workers’ transportation, but the vast majority of employers work with a third party to coordinate transportation. Booking transport and accommodations while also coordinating visas and other legal requirements is a hassle for those without experience. We are the largest H-2A employment agent in Michigan, and we have streamlined recruitment and travel within this program. We not only take care of complex travel bookings and legal requirements, but we also take care of international recruitment to find the right workers.

What transportation am I responsible for?

Great Lakes Ag Labor Services LLC takes care of inbound international travel and logistics for seasonal workers, while employers are responsible for local travel and outbound travel. This might include travel to and from accommodations and the work site, as well as local transportation to grocery stores or other needs. If you are not sure how to meet these requirements or specifically what this would entail, we can help. We’ll provide strategies for meeting these requirements and explain each in more detail.

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