Worker Orientation

Training and Translation Services for Agricultural Guest Workers

Seasonal workers from other countries can be a great asset for farmers and growers who struggle to meet workforce demands during peak seasons. This can also present language and culture gaps, and challenges with training and workforce management. Our bilingual staff members have experience working with agricultural guest workers from around the world, and we can help you bridge these gaps. We will help you translate important work safety notices, documents and other important information. We will also work with your existing crew members, managers and newly arriving workers to ensure everyone is on the same page. Working with us, you maintain independent control over workforce management and labor practices, while getting the help you need bridging language and culture gaps.

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Our Worker Orientation efforts include:

  • Translating important notices such as farm safety procedures, training requirements, workers rights notices, and more.
  • Translating training sessions to communicate effectively with workers
  • Assisting managers and crew members in workforce management and communication

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I communicate with my workforce?

Communicating with workers from another country can be a challenge. We strive to give you every tool you need to communicate effectively with your workers, and help them communicate with you.  This includes translating important notices for posting, workplace regulatory compliance posters, and documents to assist you, as well as providing bilingual staff for training sessions.

Do I retain control of my workforce?

Yes. Within the regulations set by the Department of Labor and other agencies, you are in charge of work policies and requirements. We strive to give farm and orchard owners and managers the flexibility and autonomy they need to work effectively, while also providing necessary H-2A assistance. This way, you can run your business in the way that works best for you, while still communicating effectively with migrant workers from other countries.

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Have a question about worker orientation?

We can answer any questions you may have about meeting requirements, costs involved, and more info on how the process might work for you.