How We Help

Helping Farmers and Growers Get the Seasonal Labor They Need

Great Lakes Ag Labor Services LLC helps farmers, growers, and other agricultural business owners in Michigan take advantage of the H-2A program easily and effectively. We will help you request, employ and train agricultural guest workers from Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Colombia and other countries around the world. When you need temporary or seasonal labor to fill a labor gap and you’ve had trouble finding local workers to help, we can help you navigate the H-2A visa program. Our experts have a detailed understanding of this program, H-2A requirements, and how to work most effectively with foreign workers. We will take care of the complexities of this process, so you don’t have to take time away from your business.

What We Do

The H-2A seasonal agricultural worker program is not capped, meaning that as many seasonal workers as needed can visit for temporary work. However, this also means that this program is carefully monitored, and taking advantage of it requires attention to detail. We are the largest H-2A contract filer in Michigan, and we have helped farmers and growers of all sizes and types get the seasonal labor needed to have a successful planting or harvest. We take care of applications, reviews, certifications, recruitment, transportation, training and language services for you. All of the details are carefully recorded and your questions can be answered at any time by a member of our knowledgeable team.

We help reduce liability and ensure full compliance with government agencies

To legally hire workers from other countries for seasonal labor, your operation and the available jobs must meet program stipulations. We conduct a full review to ensure that you can legally take part in the program. To do this, we conduct domestic recruitment and advertising, as required. We also conduct a full, on-farm “mock audit” similar to that which the U.S. Dept of Labor might conduct. This helps minimize liability, and you do not have to worry about conflicts with any government agency. You can continue with the process with more peace of mind.

  • Domestic labor recruitment, advertising, and interviewing as required
  • Worksite and job requirements review
  • U.S. DOL “mock audit”
  • Issue individual worker checks for inbound costs in line with regulatory requirements

We ensure your applications and fees are on-time and compliant

Employing seasonal agricultural workers from Mexico and other countries requires coordination with several federal and state agencies. This also requires a number of applications and certifications to be filed properly. We will take care of the paperwork for you, and make sure that all documents and fees are properly filed with the correct agency.

  • USDOL H-2A application and reports
  • USCIS filing fees
  • Foreign Worker Visas

We help workers get from their home location to your farm or orchard

To have a successful season, it is critical to have the right workers. This is just as true of domestic workers as international workers. We work with international governments and communities to find hard-working, reliable temporary employees, and ensure a safe border crossing. We also coordinate travel and accommodations en route to your location.

  • International recruitment
  • Foreign worker visa interview
  • Border crossing
  • Travel
  • Accomodations

We bridge language and culture gaps to help your entire crew work effectively

Working with laborers from other parts of the globe means crossing language and culture gaps. Our experts help you do it, providing translation and training services for your new workers and your existing managers. We provide four free on-site meetings to educate and assist your crew, and get the season started off right.

  • On-site training for workers and crew
  • Translation services
  • H-2A program implementation and compliance

We answer your questions and concerns at every step of the way

Our experts know all the details of the H-2A application and recruitment process. If you have questions at any step of the process, we can answer them. We understand that running a farm, orchard, or vineyard takes hard work and focus, and that’s why we help you take care of the legal and technical details. Let us handle the logistics and the paperwork, so you can stay focused on your business.

Our experts are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Have a question about what we do?

We can answer any questions you may have about meeting requirements, costs involved, and more info on how the process might work for you.