H-2A Program

Helping Farmers and Growers Find Seasonal Workers

The H-2A program is a vital tool helping American farmers, growers, and other agribusiness owners get the help they need during growing and harvesting seasons, and shrink their workforce again during the off-season. H-2A visas allow foreign workers to legally, temporarily enter the U.S. for a specific job with a specific agricultural employer. The H-2A program is critical for hundreds of farmers across America, though navigating this process alone can be complicated. We streamline this process for farmers and growers by processing, reviewing, and completing requirements for you. This way, you can get the workers that you need to have a prosperous season, without taking additional time away from your business.

Who Should Use the H-2A Program?

The H-2A program can be helpful for any farmer or grower who is having trouble meeting the seasonal labor needs of their crops. You may need as few as two temporary workers to fill a labor shortage, or as many as a hundred or more. We work with each farmer or grower individually to meet your needs, and costs are based on each application and each worker crossed.

You may require additional labor for as little as a month, as long as 10 months, or sometimes even longer. If you are interested in adding workers through the H-2A program, it is ideal to contact us as soon as possible. To properly process your paperwork and help you get workers on time to start the season, it is ideal to contact us at least 120 days (four months) before your peak season starts.

H-2A Program Requirements

There are several requirements to request workers through the H-2A program. Though this process can be complex, it should not prevent you from taking advantage of the program. Our team is experienced with H-2A visa requests and processing, and we can help make this process simple and straight-forward.

To legally obtain workers through the H-2A program, employers must meet certain requirements. Employers must be able to show that they exhausted the domestic labor pool before looking abroad. Employers must also be able to provide adequate housing, meals or cooking areas, transportation, and other conditions. There are several ways to meet these and other requirements. We can help you navigate the requirements for the H-2A program and meet requirements for applications, documentation, transportation, and more.

How We Help

To employ migrant workers under the H-2A program, employers must take on a number of responsibilities. Our team takes on many of these responsibilities for you, and helps you manage this process more easily. We utilize a step-by-step process to move through applications and certifications smoothly and ensure your farm or orchard meets all requirements. We also take care of logistics, planning and recruitment for you. We are the link to foreign recruiters who help find the right workers in other countries, coordinate transportation to your location, and provide translation services to communicate with your workforce.

Have a question about the H-2A program?

We can answer any questions you may have about meeting requirements, costs involved, and more info on how the process might work for you.