Our Agricultural Labor Services

Briefing, Application, Recruitment and Qualification

We provide H-2A program assistance from the start to the end. Finding qualified agricultural guest workers involved more due diligence than ensuring that the initial application is accepted. Through our experience, we’ve learned the pitfalls involved in recruitment and the follow-through required to promise that your labor force is qualified and reliable. We will also make you aware of all costs incurred, including fees and employee compensation, both in payroll and other costs.

Our services as an agency also allow your farm to retain your workforce. Your employees will not be split between multiple jobs as with other H-2A farm labor contractors.

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Employer Education

We work closely with agricultural employers to brief them on the process in order to simplify and ensure success.

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Management Review

We conduct a thorough management review to address any circumstances that may not comply with government regulations.

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Application Processing

We complete application preparation and filing as well as payment of all application and USCIS filing fees.

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Worker Recruitment and Transportation

Assistance with domestic advertising and interviewing, as well as arrangement of foreign worker recruitment and border crossing details.

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Worker Orientation

We assist with on-farm worker orientation and initial training, as well as translation services to ensure that your team performs to your standards.

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Great Lakes Ag Labor Services, LLC

Experienced, full service, Michigan-based agent supporting employers in meeting their agricultural workforce needs through the H-2A foreign worker visa program.

Struggling to find labor through traditional means?

Find out whether the H-2A program is right for you. Our team is here to provide information on employer requirements, associated program costs, application deadlines and answer any other questions you may have.