About the H-2A Program

Fill Labor Needs With Agricultural Guest Workers Through the H-2A Program

The H-2A program started in 1952 and has played an important part in agriculture labor ever since. Though it is carefully monitored, this is among the few visa programs in the U.S. that are not capped. This gives farmers and growers the flexibility to expand their workforce as needed, year to year and harvest to harvest. With H-2A visas, agricultural guest workers from dozens of countries can help farmers and growers with planting, harvest and other activities throughout the year. Some of the farms and orchards taking advantage of the H-2A programs are full-scale commercial operations, while others are much smaller.

Agricultural Guest Workers and the H-2A program

The H-2A program is specifically for agriculture. American farmers and growers of all sizes and types may take advantage of this program, including those working with row crops, fruit trees, berry bushes, grape vines, vegetables and more. Contracting agricultural guest workers through the H-2A program requires a number of applications and certifications, including coordination with the U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, among others. Our experienced H-2A Experts coordinate this process for you safely and securely, so you don’t have to worry about misfilings, delays, or mistakes. While we take care of visa processing, as well as worker transportation and lodging en route, you can focus on running your farm or orchard.

Agricultural guest workers can apply to this program from many different countries around the world. In Michigan, many H-2A visa holders we work with come from Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala and Colombia. Some agricultural guest workers may have previous experience working with your crops, and others may not. We provide training and translation services to bridge the language gap and ensure all workers have a full understanding of their duties, and that farm owners and managers can successfully communicate with their workforce. This is a key part of what makes a temporary labor relationship successful, and we take these responsibilities very seriously. We work closely with farm owners and agricultural guest workers to keep everyone on the same page and eliminate confusion.

How We Help

Great Lakes Ag Labor Services LLC can help you get started or continue successfully employing agricultural guest workers at your business. We handle application processing, communications with government agencies, reviews, and foreign and domestic recruitment to ensure all paperwork is filed correctly. With this step completed, we take care of transportation and accommodations for workers while on route to your farm or orchard. Once the workers arrive at your location, we provide translation services and assist with training. We take pride in maintaining ongoing relationships with farmers and growers in Michigan, and ensuring that both business owners and agricultural guest workers have a successful experience. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about the H-2A visa program, H-2A requirements, agricultural guest workers at your business, or something else, we are happy to help.

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